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Copy a eprom Answered

Is it possible to copy a eprom?


Ok, so it´s not easy as I tough. Can I buy some sort of machine that can copy a eprom for me? Becaus I´m not so good with eproms. I have a friend that has 2 trim chip on his car, it´s basically a eprom telling the car to use more oxygen and do this ,bla bla bla. We have the same sorts of car modell and everything alike so I want to copy his trim chip becaus a new one cost 80 $. Could this be done without destroying his eprom?


8 years ago

To copy it out, you would presumably need to feed incrementing values to the address lines, while reading out the values of the data lines for each address. Once you've done that, if you mean "copy to another EPROM" you would have to burn that data to another EPROM using whatever means is appropriate.

If you can burn data to an EPROM one address at a time, you could in theory do it by feeding the data out straight from the first EPROM into the second in write mode, with some suitable buffering/switching/tri-state control between the two.  That method would be a bit of a hack but it would remove the requirement for somewhere else to store the contents you are trying to copy.

You would probably need a way to read it first and have a place to copy the contents.