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Copyright issue? Answered

Hi I'm a subscribed user of instructables,
and I've just finished my 1st instructable.

My work is about magnetic levitation. I'm able to
make a magnetic top levitate over a magnetic

My idea started from a commercial toy called "levitron",
and my instructable is a full detailed receipe to build a
similar toy, using cheap or second hand objects, by

My last concern is about copyright. I got my result
on my own after a long time and a lot of research,
and it's easy to understand that the object realized
is made also with scraps, but anyway I'm worried
if I can or I can't publish that.

Can you help me


David Zuliani



Best Answer 7 years ago

Copyright isn't an issue, since you're talking about a physical object, not something written or artistic. If the levitating toy was patented, then the patent covers their specific design, materials, and construction. You created your own design, used different materials, and constructed it in your own way.

Please publish the Instructable! I would be very interested to see your solution to the stability problem (though with a top that should be intrinsically stable).

Dear kelseyymh

I want to thank you and all the other friends that answered me.
My instructable is now available at: https://www.instructables.com/id/DIY-levitation-of-a-magnetic-top/

I'll wait for your comments



You're quite welcome. I've made a comment about your I'ble there; hopefully you find it useful. Good luck, and welcome to Instructables!

I wouldn't be concerned, especially seeing that your not selling this as a product, your just giving away information, also i don't think a company is going to zero in on you (1 person).

Publish the instructable. If you are not trying to claim some body else's invention as your own and make money from it, you won't have a problem.


7 years ago

It shouldn't be a problem. A lot of projects around here are "homebrew" versions of commercially available products. They're all cheaper, and most are better, than the commercial stuff. Publish away!