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Copyright violation Answered

This instructable is for a knex sight. However, the exact same sight to the last knex piece was used on my gun a couple of months before. This person has said he created it, not given me credit, and the annoying thing is that i think he left the site. Has anyone got advice or views on this?


Views: . It's unfortunate that you weren't given credit, but Instructables is all about sharing. You pointed out the omission (several times) in the comments of the offending iBle, so everyone that goes there will know your position. . Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery - Charles Colton . Advice: . Forget about it. Sleep well tonight, knowing that your idea was good enough to be copied. . Or gloat - your idea was good enough to be copied.

your licence is share alike so that means you will let the person copy anything as long as they give them credit mabey threten to rate it 0.5 unless he gives you credit