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Cordless electric drill motor.? Answered

I have been experimenting with an old motor from a cordless drill no markings on it - Any one have any power information for these motors - they seem to produce a LOT of torque for such a small motor.?

I find I can lift 4 Kg fairly easily - I guess I could do it the old way and measure and calculate HP.


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The MadScientistBest Answer (author)2011-04-11

The batteries are usually 18v 1 - 5amps I took apart mine because the battery was dead then I powered it off a 12v 26Amp battery pack, this is not necessary but you can do it the strength and speed isn't much different.

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I also have a 24 volt lead acid cordless - Replacement NmiH £40 2 x 12 volt 24 Ahr lead acid £4.50

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