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Corrupt .dbf file? Answered

Hello guys,

Is there any way to perform recovery on a corrupted .dbf file?

I will be greatly appreciated for help!

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johlind194Best Answer (author)2014-11-01

Try opening the
.dbf file in Excel or other program that supports opening the .dbf format.

Once opened in
Excel you should be able to view the file, delete any "bad data", and
resave to a new name (with the .dbf extension).

Also possible to
create a new table with the structure of the old table, append records from the
old to the new. May salvage records until the corruption is encountered.

If this tips
didn’t help you, visit next community-
- here you may ask a question and to get prof answer, try it.

resource might be DBF Fix Toolbox

Tool is
free-to-try, but if you can’t handle your issue, why not:- http://www.dbf.fixtoolbox.com/

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steveastrouk (author)2014-11-01

I have seen some tools for repairing DBF, but I am not sure where.

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