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Corrupted Excel File? Answered

Hi there,

We have an Excel file that has become corrupted and even when trying to repair itself an error is produced.



There is a lot of methods, here 2:


1.1. Open a blank Excel workbook.

1.2. Go to Open.

1.3. Find the desired file and choose Open and Repair. This option is in the drop-down list associated with the Open button.

If Excel cannot open the file, choose Extract Data.

1.4. Confirm by clicking Yes. If Excel warns you that the file caused a serious error the last time it was opened, agree to continue opening it.


Microsoft Excel repair tool and check the efficiency of Excel Repair Toolbox on any computer in the local area network, it is the fastest way out, resolving the damage of XLS documents.

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If The Excel document File got corrupted and cannot be opened with your important file data. Simple you can use a third party solution for open them, but if you don't have an idea how the Excel repair tool work red this article http://www.mytechlogy.com/IT-blogs/8584/how-to-repair-excel-file-using-excel-repair-tool. You can also use free Excel repair utility by download from this article.

Kernel for Excel repair tool is highly advanced Excel repair tool. The tool provides two option to repair corrupt Excel file, first is single-file mode and second is multi-file mode. Using this tool you can repair single or multiple file in a single repair cycle. For more information visit here : http://www.recovery.excelrepair.org

Checkout this globally used result oriented Excel File Recovery Software. Download the free trial version to see the preview of recovered data.

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MS Excel File corruption is very difficult situation for every user.
But it can be easily fix by using any third party Excel Repair Tool.

If your Excel file is corrupted then it can show many errors messages on your windows when you try to open it.

These errors are:

"The file is corrupt and cannot be opened"
"error in module 1"
"unspecified error"
"undefined reference"

These type of tools is available free trail demo on the internet so download fix any errors and repair your MS Excel file.

One of the best : http://www.mannatsoftware.com/stellar-phoenix-excel-repair.html


3 years ago

Can you provide some more details so that some one can help you?