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Cosplaying next August, any one else? Answered

Hey every one, huge making project coming up for me (in terms of time, not size) because I'm going to SMASH! Cosplay Convention, Sydney, Australia in August 2010. I'm going with a group of friends from my school as Vocaloid characters and I get to be Kaito! Would any one else in Australia be going?

Any way, it should be awesome and I'm excited like hell even though it's 9 months away. I'll keep every one posted on how the out fit's going, I'm going to see if I can get the wig off eBay next week. Then we're all going to Spotlight (fabric store) a little after christmas to get a tonne of the same fabric, but different colors for each character. Then I'm doing the scarf, then the pants, then the undergarments and then the coat.

Any tips and tricks would be greatly appreciated, I'm not amazing at sewing but it should turn out alright, I'll probably start the coat about 6 months from now because I don't want to grow out of it before the convention! By the way, any tips on dying my hair / getting a wig of bright blue? And also, dying my eye brows? (God, this'll look weird at school...)

Update #1        18/10/2009
More pictures.
I've added some drawn pictures (mine) of my design, you can see the front and back here.

First picture: Another cosplaying Vocaloid group, but no Gakupo or Megurine Luka. I'll be the one at the back left.
Second picture: SMASH! convention logo.



7 years ago

So funny! Thank you!

are you the one who will make your own kaito costume??

Lol you mixed rin and len up XD Really cool Idea though!

Lol thanks :P
It was a tonne of fun, but I forgot to take pictures of everything. D:

Probably sounds like "Smash!"

Hehe. That's usually how I remember katakana, it has the English version nearby.

There's a j-pop song (forgot the title) and in it it has the word Excalibur, but it turns out as "es-cari-bori-guu".

Their pronunciation is so strict. They can only emulate a certain few syllables from other languages.

 It's a cool language I think, I watched a couple anime episodes in Japanese with subtitles and afterwards I instantly wanted to learn Japanese.

With that much time before the event, why not try persuading The Powers That Be to run a Manga (?) costume contest?

Wouldn't that just be in the spirit of Halloween and then be something to go into the halloween contest?

It would dilute the Halloween contest, and cosplay is for ALL the time!

Great idea, thanks!

Although, like I said I won't be doing the coat until maybe April or May, so if it's before then I shan't be able to enter.

Well, if you are the one pushing for the contest, you can suggest when it happens as well...

By the way, your "Volunteers group", would it be a crime to post a link to this on there?

I suppose it would be OK, but I can't see the benefit?

Ideas. Wig, hair, eyebrows, sewing, sizing...

I'm going to a con in April:

I might dress up. We'll have to see. I don't now what I'd go as!

Oh wow that'll be great fun!

I've just thought of the my first bit of build for the convention, hatsune-miku's arm warmers have lights so I'll try my hand at sewing with conductive thread. Your How to Sew Instructable will come in handy, I've only ever hand sewed two things in my life and that was nearly 10 years ago.

You're going to dress as a blue-haired Japanese girl? Do you have the figure for this?


Almost... I am going as a guy. That's a coat by the way, not a dress. And what's a figure?

Kaito (pictured) is a girl.
Figure -n1 a the external form or shape of a thing. b bodily shape.
Can Kaito be a guy also?


Kaito is a guy. And for Kaito, any one with with a non fat figure can pull it off. Even a flat chested girl can. Hatsune Miku, Meiko, Luka, Rin and Len would be harder because the clothes pull tight or a fair bit of skin is showing.

I think Lemonie is saying that the picture you are referring to of Kaito (on the right in the back), appears to be endowed in the chest area. <div id="refHTML"> </div>

 Yes, I didn't notice that at first, thanks for pointing it out and I'll try edit it when I get home from school.

Ah, so the girl pictured is dressed as a guy - I get it now.


 Ooooh, I didn't notice, I thought it was a guy. Sorry for the confusion!

Hatsune Miku, this person doesn't do her justice.

What do you mean by that?

She can be cosplayed a lot better then this person does.<br /> <br /> <a href="http://images.google.com/images?hl=en&source=hp&q=cosplay+hatsune+miku&gbv=2&aq=f&oq=&aqi=">images.google.com/images</a> Clarification here.<br />

First of all, why post the topic now when the event is next year?

Second, I wonder why people like cosplaying.... I am just curious.

Australia is very big.

People may have to make full-blown holiday plans to attend, plus the costumes tend to have a lot of work in them (they're not just one-wear Hallowe'en costumes, they have to survive proper wear).

As for why, why not?  Do you question why people like dressing up as Batman or Wolverine?  Same motivation, different comic genre.

Ahhh, I get it now.  People want to role-play.  

Agreed, its just fun to do something out of the ordinary.......

Kiteman's pretty close, but I'll cover it in my own terms.

Well my friends and I are getting organized (partially) about now, and because I'm excited I felt like posting. It is about making so it belongs here somewhere.

Secondly, for me personally I wouldn't be doing it if none of my other friends were so for me it's more of a major get-together. For other people it might be the thrill of making, or just showing that they like that story / character. It's a chance to share what you're passionate about, and if you've done any research then you'll know that SMASH! is also a meeting of artists and fans alike, even if it's not for cosplaying.

Why WOULDNT you wanna wear a costume at any chance you get?

"I'll be the one on the far left"
The blue dude, or the yellow girl?

Oops, when I said "far" I meant furthest. I'm going to be the dude.