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Cot with storage space? Answered

Hi all, Does anyone know of a cot that is designed with storage space? I'm expecting yet have limited space for a cot. All the ones I can find online are bulky and impractical. Any ideas of where to find something that will fit in a small space?

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Nymph (author)2009-05-27

Yes, thanks for clarifying that. :)
I have a cot from from my previous children that I've shortened and I'm hoping to find ideas for adding storage space underneath or creating a new smaller new one.
I likethis idea but it's for a changing table so that's not much use.
The hammock idea is nice, but we can't put any holes in the walls as we're renting.

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spiritwolf7984 (author)2009-05-27

So you Want a Small Cot with Extra storage

For extra storage:A wood Box Attached underneath with wheel's or mobility

For Smallness:A foldable cot or a hammock

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