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Could I fit a Canon 70-210 Zoom lens for a film onto a Canon XSi? Answered

I still shoot film, and I use a Canon FT-b, mainly with my 70-210 Zoom Lens.
I'm currently looking to upgrade to a Canon XSi, and I was wondering if there was a converter that any one knows/thinkswould work. 
Thank you for your help!


if the lense if FD then the company Bower makes a great FD-EOS adaptor i have one it works out great though alittle akward at first although sometimes you have to put the aperture on the largest  but you have to flip a switch on the adaptor put a great investment

Look on ebay.  There are tons of converters.  Is the lens an FD?  I can't remember which lenses the FT-b uses. 

I bought two FT-bs in the early '70s and LOVED those cameras.  Carried them until I got into digital.

You should join this Canon forum.  There are guys that really live Canon.  You can't ask a question that will not get an answer.  I'm sure this one has been asked before.