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Could I make a homemade laser beam to dismantle a satellite? Answered


Yes and no. Keep in mind that most of the worlds biggest lasers in civilian hands probably aren't quite capable of that feat... and the militaries of the world have fewer lasers than you'd imagine. There's one that MIGHT be capable of it, but I don't think it's actually been built yet, and it's not designed to focus on anything that far away. There's little stopping you from building a satellite-destroying laser, except the great expense and the occasional nosy neighbor or the Dept. of Homeland Security. There's no reason you cant purchase all the materials required, learn a little physics, and build it in your back yard. Well, except for the fact that it will cost millions, if not billions. Guess what else, this thing is going to be a huge drain on your power-grid. You're going to have to store a lot of power in a bank of capacitors, keeping in mind that you do have to pay for electricity and that caps aren't cheap. There is also the small mater of aim. That satellite is a teeny-tiny spec up there, and odds are good it's moving pretty fast. You need to be able to track, aim, correct, and fire accurately. Luckily this technology can easily be adapted from astronomy equipment, but you'll need to work from top-of-the-line gear. So I say marry a prince or king that shares your interests and hopefully they'll start throwing $'s at it.

yes, ive done it, but shoosh, i cant really go into detail and im endagering myself breaking cover like this, but yeah it can be done, has been done and more people will do it, and cheaply too, just steal what you need, grab at least a couple powerline transformers, not all that tricky actualy and go from there, ive said to much already but good luck to you

No. (Unless you've got millions, a lot of diamonds, a private island off the coast of Thailand, and henchmen?) L

Acme Giant Laser Co., of course.

I find it much easier to take a portapotty apart with a chain saw...