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Could I stiffen a pvc pipe by putting a foam piece down the center of it. Foam would probably be just bigger than ID. Answered

I plan on making this tripod telescoping so I will have multiple sizes of pvc, and will need a stiff piece of either round foam, or square foam that is pliable enough at the corners to be stuffed into a tube.


why dont you try filling it with expanding foam? it will expand to fill the pipe and then harden very hard!!!

I'm interested to know if you've tried the expandable foam yet. I too thought of that but there were a couple issues I had not resolved.

1. The length of pipe. Mine is 69 inches long. I'm not at all sure the foam would dry completely in the absence of air besides the ends.

2. Whether it would actually make it stronger.

3. Being able to get the foam 35 inches from each end.

Please let me know how it turned out.


I'm staying away from metal because I plan on carrying this tripod around on vacation, I'm choosing pvc because it is light weight, and the addition of foam would most likely add negligible weight. I have been doing some searches online and have seen that 2 part mixtures of expanding foam seem best, but I was wondering if anybody knew of some brand that was either made for structural/high density purposes and cost less than $40 to buy.

Use metal instead. Or wood. A lot of people use PVC as a construction-kit, but as you are aware it does have limitations / drawbacks. L

Cool ideas, I didn't even think of expanding foam. Did some reading too and it seems people use it to stiffen things up too.


9 years ago

expanding foam would work best and if it needs be extremely hard stick a metal rod down the center before it hardens...