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Could I substitute rope for the paracord contest? Answered

I would simply order some online, but I'm afraid it won't arrive in time for the contest. Would it qualify if I simply substitute rope for paracord until it arrives?



Best Answer 8 years ago


I asked that - it has to be paracord.  It's easy to get, though.  Ebay, outdoors stores etc.

I would have already ordered it from eBay, but I'm just afraid it won't get here in time. I'll check with my local outdoor store, I just hope they have it. I'd hate to not be able to participate in such a great contest. Thanks for the answer.

.  Pawn shops and military surplus stores are also good places to look for paracord.

I think you'd be better off PMing the mods with this question. Anything you get here is going to be conjecture unless the mods happen to stop by anyway.
FWIW, my answer would be "it has to be paracord", but that and 3 bucks will get you a latte at Starbucks.