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Could a light weight deck be built with large pvc as supports and a light weight material for the deck top? Ideas? Answered

I am looking for light weight deck building ideas. It would be used next to my above ground pool in summer and then moved or taken down when the pool is stored for the winter. The deck would be  approximately 6-8 ft X 10 ft. and would be about 54" high.



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PVC could probably work, but then you'd need a lot.  What I would suggest is using building scaffolding. 

It's very strong and sturdy, so you won't need a lot and assembling it is very easy.  You can then choose to use the metal floor pieces are the wooden ones.  I prefer the wooden ones but the metal ones are a lot lighter.

Anyway, hope this helps.......

Light weight decking, possibly. Light weight support structure, you had better know what you are doing or people could get hurt.
Are you trying to cut costs or just making an easily movable structure? If it's the latter, I'm sure there are products available through decking/flooring companies. Expensive though. I've only seen commercial type modular decking/flooring. Commercial or industrial is never cheap.
Safety first.

For any load bearing structure you need to ensure the sub frame is strong enough to support the material AND any number of people using it.

For the floor building code in the UK specifies a minimum of 15 mm chipboard or plywood. (actually plywood isn't allowed indoors)  an 8' x 4' sheet of 15 mm plywood weighs perhaps 80 pounds (35Kg) an average person perhaps 150 pounds and 8 or 10 may stand on an 8 x 4 floor panel without crowding so they are heavy!!

I would use at least 4" x 6" support structure with the 15 mm ply flooring on top - pretty much as your house will have in it's floor or ceiling.

These days a lot of builders use concrete. Ply', I've never seen as a floor, but I guess you're referring to "if you build a ply'-floor"?


NO plywood for UK INTERNAL floors ? I haven't heard that before - its vastly better than chipboard for such things.

Use wood.
PVC is much more dense than wood, and spanning that distance, no way could it be lightweight
Wood, balsa-wood if need be...


Try some of these products.  I googled "pvd deck".  I've used these for rot proof boat docks and piers at the lake.

Very lightweight and strong.  Doesn't heat up much in the sun.