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Could i mount a jigsaw upside down and use it Like a fretsaw ?? Answered

Could i mount a jigsaw upside down and use it Like a fretsaw ?? because my fretsaw is nackered and before i buy a new one if i can improvise by making it in a vice and Building a metal support etc Itwill be perfect


Yes, its done, the blade flexing from side to side slightly makes it less accurate than a fretsaw, and you can't get a thin blade either.

Yes, mount jigsaw upside down under a permanent table, make a clamp holder for a 5 inch fret saw blade with a jigsaw blade stub, to fit into the jigsaw blade holder, then above the table, fit an overarm, onto which you fit a guide and spring.

The jigsaw pulls the blade downwards, the spring pulls the blade straight back up.

The guide above the blade, would be a section of water pipe, inside it, you could make some kind of piston, hardwood dowel, or cast something.

Some people make the whole overarm flex, either its springy, or the arm is hinged, and a spring used on that, however I was never sure of that idea, too much mass reciprocating then, and the blade stroke path means the full stroke is not used.

You need to be able to adjust the tension of the spring, best to have variable speed on the jigsaw, begin testing at low speed, and work your way up to top speed, your only limitation is going to be that the jigsaw might not stroke as fast as a proper fretsaw machine.

That is basically how home made fretsaw machines are built.

Please email me, and I will forward some printouts for you.

However, by coincidence, I was just going to find my source for such information to post onto my https://www.instructables.com/community/For-Aspie-Members-to-post-WWW-finds/ so along the way, I will return here I hope with some more info for downloading.

basically atm i screwed it in a table upside down added a guide Zip tied the Button down and added a inline dimmer switch for speed control

Some companies have sold jigs for this purpose; I have one that drops into my router table. It's not a particularly good solution, for the reasons Steve mentioned, but it's OK as an emergency stopgap.