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Could not change profile image Answered

Hello *.*,

I want to update my profile image. For this I login, klick on You and Edit Profile. After this I click Upload New Photo. After this I see, that the Upload new Image dialog fades in. But this happens behind the Edit Profile dialog. With the Chrome Debugger I moved the dialog by changing the css, so I can send a screenshot. If I click in the upload dialog then the edit dialog disappered. An upload does not change the profile image after this.

I tired this with the actual Chrome and Firefox browser. In both the same.

Any idea for me?



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SoapStonedPipes (author)2017-03-09

Having the same issue. Won't work on my laptop in chrome or my mobile in chrome set on desktop view. Upload image window drops below edit profile window. Clicking the upload image window just closes the edit profile window and any uploads or changes to image library won't save.

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DoItMark (author)2017-03-08

Ok fond a solution for me. In the app on my tablet I could change the profile picture.

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