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Could someone make these guns? Answered

i was wondering if someone could make these guns out of knex. the real ones are manafactured by FN Herstal which are a belgian company. i know that some of these have already been made out of knex, but im looking for new ideas. here they are:

(1) fn scar
(2+3) f2000
(4) fn p90
(5) five seven tactical
(6) fnp9 da / sa



You like Belgian weapons, huh? FN SCAR H with and without an EGLM.


Enhanced Grenade Launcher Module; standard for the SCAR series.

Ahh i figured it was a grenade launcher, but didnt know the rest.

wow! that pretty cool! posting?

TNKIT is eating pieces. I've already had to make about 5 completely different prototypes. If no-one else enters, I'm entering a Devourer-esque gun for jokes ;)

You could just take apart failed prototypes, or make something compact.

I have, but that thing took about 5000 pieces.

!!!! Great, I need surgery to get my jaw back to normal now...

i'd build that if you posted it. then i'd build another.

i might bee able to make the five seven tactical

 The first gun is a Bushmaster-Remington ACR not an FN-Scar

FN SCAR, FN 2000, FN P90 were already done.

ye i know but no rbgs and im looking for new ideas

The guns I mentioned were all mag loaded. There are RBG versions of said guns, but the ones I was talking about were mag loaded.

Wha?! I thought there was a mag fed version. I am sick (possibly with swine flu) and I can't think straight.

which makes me wonder why everyone is so scared of it...

In all reality, it feels no different from the countless other strains of flu.

That's comparing the mortality rate of 1 flu strain to who knows how many other strains (thousands)

Oh ok. well i kinda wanna make an fn2000. we should make one together. (dont even...)

Sure. You do the building (since you have more knex), and I will give out ideas and possibly MlCad models (that is, If I get it to work)

the scar uses broke pieces tho : (

Then make your own. You seem to be creative enough, seeing your Type 99 gun.

Belgian wepons are cool,but i like the m4 better.Next im building a halo battle riffle