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Could we host a contest on instructables? Re: DIY Science Lab Equipment Answered


My name is Todd Duncombe and I’m a PhD Candidate at UC Berkeley and a member of the organization Tekla Labs  (teklalabs.org). Tekla Labs is student organization dedicated to making science more accessible by establishing a thorough catalog of Do-It-Yourself (DIY) instructions on the construction of laboratory equipment from cheap and readily available supplies.

We are interested in hosting a competition for DIY lab equipment designs – as we have previously for 3D printed lab equipment designs  (http://www.teklalabs.org/print-my-lab-results/). We have currently raised upwards of $5k in prizes and are shooting for $15k.

Tekla Labs is potentially interested in hosting the competition on either Instructables.com or using the Dozuki platform. I would love the opportunity to speak with an instructables representative (and hear the communities opinion!) about Tekla Labs hosting our competition on your website  – and the associated logistics.

I look forward to you hearing from you!
Todd Duncombe

PS our organization was recently featured at the Clinton Global Initiative University symposium: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=wTPJb8Z_WPw


This is fantastic! I've sent you a PM - let's talk!

I've passed this offer on to those who need to know.

Very generous of you, by the way!

email staff at service@instructables.com. You might get a response there.