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Could you make a USB fridge? Answered



I want to keep myself to the be nice policy

But please people! You don't need an account to use the search option! If you want to know about something check if there isn't already an instructable posted. If it's something like a usb fridge or some other popular internet thing there is a pretty good chance it has already been done...

I just had to comment this because this is the fifth person in the last three days to post a question that could be answered with just looking at the "related" bar.

you forget...the related bar doesn't show until a person has posted a query. So it's moot advise. Until INstructables fills the gap in their system that doesn't show any related info until a person has actually published their question, this will continue to be the case, logical or illogical as it seems from  the  retrospective viewpoint of a query reader.

Yes but it's gonna hav to be small.

Yes. I could.