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Covering hardcover books Answered

I've been trying to find out what I can do to make my favorite set of hardcover books match my new collector's edition that is leather bound. Apparently I have to know how to bind a book. does anyone know how to make a leather cover to go on the existing hardcover so that I don't have to tear the book apart and sew it back together page by page?!!! Perhaps there is some sort of new-fangled self-adhesive leather on the market? Anyways. Whats an easy way to make a hardcover book look like it is leather bound?


Back in grade school, did you ever have to cover your textbooks with brown paper bags? If not, ask your parents, they did. Make a "brown paper cover," except out of leather, and it'll be removable and sleek like you ask.

Yah but if I recall, scotch tape played a large part in holding it together and that is just not gonna cut it for a leather cover. I need to know what kind of glues to use or how I can sew it on a sewing machine that isn't going to destroy my needle.

Hot glue would probably do quite well, or superglue. Or use one of the suggested adhesives below. As for sewing, if you use a heavy-duty needle, it's more likely that your motor or some other part of the machine will quit first. Going slow and taking breaks would probably mitigate that. If you marked it out and explained it well enough, a local tailor might be willing to do it. I've had great results from a local tailor who does leather, work denim, and shoe repair. She's fixed everything from moto jackets to leather bookbags for me. Even my favorite overalls!

Yes! Paste is made specifically for these kind of projects. It is a really useful paste. I repaired a turn-of-the-century leather bound book with it.

There is a kid of paper called leatherette, leather paper, or sometimes leather embossed (it's what they use on the back of game boards as well). If all you're doing is gluing that over the existing cover, that's the stuff you want.

Look in art and craft shops for it.

A look at ebay.com found a 6-foot roll of it that is pre-glued and the seller does samples.

A look at ebay.co.uk found this shop selling it by the sheet.

A kid of paper?! What a rare medical phenomenon!