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Crabfu is at it again! Answered

Crabfu has made another uniquely special kind of robot.

Based on the mechanism that controls the angle of the blades of an RC helicopter, it's called SwashBot.

I'll let Crabfu explain it properly:

More swashbot videos:

SwashBot meets the cat
Larger, SwashBot 2
SwashBot 2, finished.


Is the video sped up? I am working on a similar design to yours, yet my servos are not that responsive..

(It's not my design, it's Crabfu's)

I don't think it's sped up, maybe you'd better contact Crabfu to ask (PM him, or add a comment to his YouTube video).

Yeah sorry, I knew this was your topic not his... realised when I hit post.


10 years ago

swashbot 3 :)

Oh ya, You should really sell these. Like, reeaallly. I want one You could start selling kits in the Instructables marketplace with just servos and maybe the gyro included.

Lol thanks! I need to learn how to make plastic molds etc.... I'd love to get more detail into this swash crab thing... shape lock is awesome stuff, but hard to get exact shape and detail that I wanted. If I can figure out this plastic nonsense, kits should be pretty simple. There are only 3 servos, and you just need battery, receiver, helicopter transmitter, and led lights. There are no gyros in these swashbots :) -Crabfu

The best way might be to simply make up some silicone molds and shapes and try it yourself...

Oh yeah - crabfu indeed! :-D

Great job - v2 didn't quite capture the cuteness of v1, but I think this one has just as much attitude as its little brother. The shapelock looks excellent!

Aww, that's really nice. #2 son wants to have one just like it.


10 years ago

OK SwashBot2 is now officially finished :) I went back to inchworm movements, as it was falling way too much, and not reliable enough when not using the body as support. Turning still works on the tips of the feet only, but walking in all directions are now back to placing the body down. Also improved the leg hinge joints and a few things here and there :)


I prefer swashbot V1 , shall we expect to see it entered into the compo?

To paraphrase a discussion on an earlier contest - "But that wouldn't be fair to those of us who are less talented!" :-D

hmm... good point... and why did my text go small? argh! maybe post after compo... or post and win? i dunno U_U

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Many thanks for all that information Kiteman. now I can get high and low legally hehe


10 years ago

Might as well add the original link to Crabfu's Swashbot...

(... and if you're wondering "crabfu - where have I heard that name before", he's the one who came up with the R/C Steam Turbine Tank. Many more variants on the Steamworks part of his website...)

Yah, I forgot to mention Cracfu's a member here as well.

I say... Should that not be crabfu there Mr Kiteman?

Hmm, I appeared to have eleven fingers there.

don't worry about it... if you went through my posts you would find a lot of errors but I'm cleaning my act up now.

Cracfu, crabfu... to-may-to, to-mah-to... ;-)

It would be very cool if you could post instructions or something.

I really love what you make, Crabfu, keep up the good work! Do you need a really complex transmitter to make this work? I've recently bought a futaba 6 EXAS do you think it will work for this robot ? Good Job!

I don't think that futaba will work.... it needs to be a helicopter transmitter, eccpm. Also, since this thing is not taking off ground, you should make sure that the radio is legal for land use. I think only the 2.4ghz are land legal and are heli compatable. I quickly looked into your futaba tx and I think it's only made for a fix wing. -Crabfu

Great job! Your toys are absolutely amazing a definitly inspiring, THANK YOU!


10 years ago

Thanks for all of the comments and pushing it for the robot contest.... I'm not sure if I will have the time to make an instructables for it right now. Besides... I live near robogames, and I already have a robophilo, perhaps the prizes should go to someone more deserving :) -Crabfu

How is it that I can manage to view a demonic little insect with glowing red eyes as cute?

<Obligatory manliness for using "cute"> ARRRRRRRGH!!! </manly>

This is a really cool little device. Instructable! Instructable! Don't make us enforce Kiteman's Law!

im pretty sure if you enter this in the robot contest you will win a prize

Sweet! enter it into the contest


10 years ago

Hey guys, thanks for posting this..... the second version of the swashbot is NOT finished... close but still working on improving the motions and strengthening the leg hinges etc. Should have it done soon and will post vids & details :) -Crabfu