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Craft FAIL Answered

Here's a blog I can totally identify with: CraftFail. For all those times when things don't go according to plan. That happens to be most of the time and hats off to those who are willing to share their embarassing stories with others.

As one of the entries says: "We tried. We really did."

CraftFail blog via Neatorama


I hate it when tings don't go according to plan.

Are you guys hinting that someting might be wrong with the post?

I was fighting with my tingly spidey sense on commenting...

I think it's time we all start admitting that we have a pun problem. hahaha

Noting wrong with that. Notingredients you usually find when you go punting.

I Love that ting sound a microwave makes when I Cook spagheting

Look, we need to stop. This is getting ridiculous.

Mister, don't ting for one moment that you are above it all. You are an instingator for starting trouble. And don't start with the ;-) emotingons.

Lol, none of this would have happened if fungus had just considered editing his post.

I'm just waiting for someone to break the chain.

i am tingering around with my computer as i am typing this comment

Lol anthony broke the tingly chain!


Hmm, Ting = "Thing(s)" in some Caribbean dialects (e.g. "I'd like to buy that ting over there").

Haha, this entire thread has been a horrible misunderstanding. Fungus amungus actually speaks in a caribbean dialect and was correct the entire time.

all this messaging has left me tingly

Stop tinging about the ting this chain would be as i do someting in my tingly computer.

tings can be unplaned so who know what tings can happen on intructables!

I ting that some tings are planned to look unplanned, so the ting looks innocent, and the ting is ignored

Yeah, tings are planed to look unplanned and some tings are to annoy people and their tings

What Ting? ?What do you mean?

a variation on the: Think or Thwim (sink or swim) pun

No one knows how to use "fail" anymore. So I can't even be bothered.

So I signed up - watch for my upcoming post on jewelry failz (I should really post ibles on some of the non-failz...). I'll try to have it up in the next few days. :-)

Haha, awesome! I also like craftastrophe. xD

I always read the word "craftastrophe" as "craft apostrophe".

pretty much every time I try to do something it fails epically. Except for this one project i found on ibles.

Rofl I love this