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CraftTeen.com: Crafts for Teens

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I just discovered a curated aggregator that's full of fun crafts for teens and likely tweens.  Check it out:  CraftTeen.com

And they accept submissions to be featured if you're a teen making something for other teens or if you've got a project that would be great for their audience.

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emilyvanleemput (author)2014-02-16

I think I like this :)

You should submit all your stuff! :D

Working on it! I already did 3.. That makes me realize how many projects I have at the moment!

Kiteman (author)2014-02-13

Not exactly an even gender balance...

AngryRedhead (author)Kiteman2014-02-13

There are ways to help fix that...

Kiteman (author)AngryRedhead2014-02-14

"By teens, for teens"

... thirty years too late for me.

AngryRedhead (author)Kiteman2014-02-14

I think it's projects for teens as curated by teens because some of those tutorials weren't done by teens which is how I discovered the site... Just saying...

Kiteman (author)AngryRedhead2014-02-14


caitlinsdad (author)Kiteman2014-02-14

I haven't grown up yet...

Agreed, I assume they only have what is submitted to them so get to it Kiteman!

Penolopy Bulnick (author)2014-02-13

Okay, so this is a site that organizes and links to things like Craftgawker, it doesn't actually have the projects on their site. Nice find!

From what I can tell, it's like CraftGawker but specifically geared towards teens. :)

I like it! I always like to submit to sites like this :)