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Craftsman Tool contest: I can't find any details on it, did it start on Nov. 8th? Answered

I am unable to locate the details of the Craftsman Tool Contest
Enter any project using tools to win a $5,000 shop upgrade! Starts November 8th
That I got notice of awhile back.  Can anyone help?

Ok, found it.... Craftsman Tool Contest.... 


Wasn't that November 8, 2009? You actually posted a forum topic about it, but the URL now points to some unrelated question.

Nope, I was wrong about this. The original Craftsman Tools contests started 2 Dec 2008 (yep, two years ago), and closed in Jan 2009. I suspect Jeff's right about the vanishing contest...

Good catch! And it looks like there was almost a day's worth of discussion before it vanished...

Well, they just posted it on FACEBOOK today again.....so is it still live or not?

It's on the list as OPEN with a deadline of 19 December 2010. So I think that's, "Yes."

Yes, I agree. Now it appears just before I sign in here as a banner ad.

I know, it was in an Email from Robot, unless he made a MISTAKE ! A fairly recent email actually listing the current and "upcoming" contests, and that one said it started Nov. 8, right after the start of a few of the contests going on now.

Yes, I saw that too, it was for this year, I've been waiting for it since the Dremel contest is for US residents only. I found the email, it was sent on the 13 Oct:

Contest calendar
Halloween Contest Prizes: CarveWright CNC engraver, Singer sewing machines, Ponoko and That's Cool EL Wire vouchers, Dremels, and more. Enter by November 7th

Autodesk Kinetic Sculpture Design Contest Make something cool that moves, win Autodesk software. Enter by November 14th

Alchemy Goods Inner Tube Reuse Contest Reuse bicycle inner tubes any way you like. Enter by November 14th

Humana Health by Design Challenge Share health & assistive tech projects, win a $5,000 adventure. Enter by November 28th 2nd

Annual Epilog Challenge Any awesome project can win you an Epilog laser cutter. Starts November 8th

Scotch Duct Tape Contest Make something using duct tape. Starts October 25th

Dremel Contest Any project that uses a Dremel is eligible. Starts November 1st

Craftsman Tool Contest Enter any project using tools to win a $5,000 shop upgrade! Starts November 8th

Thanksgiving Food Contest Holiday recipe extravaganza! Starts November 8th

Yep, that is the email I got.....

Hmmm, looks like it is scratched from the record. I think I had my peg game entered into the contest and the banner link is gone. Maybe when the Craftsman adverts that also took over the adspace was up, the programming wiped it all out?


7 years ago

Perhaps, with 8 (!!) contests currently running, they decided to hold off on it for now.

It would have been nice to know that, since I had planes for it ;-)

It was just a guess.

Planes, eh? The flying kind, or for removing thin slivers of wood? ;)

I was stressed on Monday....and today isn't much better :-) planed plans for it ;-)

You do know that the "rains in Spain fall manely on the plain".  Right?  

Of course. And "In Hertford, Hereford and Hampshire, hurricanes hardly ever happen."


7 years ago

Looks like you weren't crazy after all! ;)

So, you better have some awesome planes ready for us.