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Crate GT15R Personal Lead Amp 15 Watts with Reverb Answered

I have a brand new Crate GT15R 15 watt amp for sale, I bought it to use with my cigar box guitar, but have gotten too busy to play much. I've only used it about 5-8 times, it works perfectly.

This rugged amplifier combines outstanding features with serious clean and distorted sounds. A Reverb control is provided for greater flexibility. RCA input jacks allow connection of a CD or tape player for playing along with your favorite music, and the Headphones jack lets you practice in private.

I am asking for $85
I will set up the sale on Ebay, pay with paypal.
PM me please.

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rockadio101 (author)2011-02-22

duuude i have that same crate amp!! got it from my b-day!! not even jokeing i have it

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LinuxH4x0r (author)2008-08-30

Nice, but I've already got a bad a$$ stereo (but its in MN)

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