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Crazy Rubik's Cube Variations Answered

Love this list of different takes on the classic Rubik's Cube. There's one for the blind, odd shapes, and even the massively complex one in the picture below.

Of course we have plenty of Rubik's Cube Instructables here as well, including a Blind Man's Cube and a whole list of others.

10 Creative Rubik's Cubes via Core77


That's called a "petaminx" by the way. It's a Puzzle based off a smaller puzzle the same shape called the "megaminx". Other puzzles the same shape smaller than the petaminx but larger than the megaminx include the "gigaminx" and the "teraminx".


i have solved a sodukube. it is not that hard. you just have to work out were peices go by solving the soduko first.


9 years ago

Oh my. I've seen the Sudoku Cube before, but just realized how hard it would be.. ;_;

I have a Sudoku cube... so hard! but fun!

Gah, I would smash it from out of frustration!

couldnt u buy a hammer 2 do that xD thats what i heard anyway

The one where you have to try to get it out of the stage where it is not a cube looks insane

My bro has a broken Sudokube.


9 years ago

*twitch twitch*

Wow, That thing would take ages to solve.

I recently saw one that was a cube, but the squares were all different sizes....mix that one up and is soon becomes a mess (mass) that is no longer a cube.....and all the pieces are the same color !

I clicked that link, then spent the last three hours following more links from that site to "Top X Xs" articles. I think I'm going to go outside now...
My eyes hurt.

hahaha Sudokube i like the irregular one the best

#4 is definitely one for Jake.

That would go well with my pantone mug!