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"Cream crete"? Answered

Apologize instead of cream crate should read cream crete.

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mikeasaurusBest Answer (author)2017-07-11

I've not heard of that. Can you tell me more, like where did you hear about it and what are the applications?

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Hi again I may have found the ad that led me to the mentioned article.


That is the roof that I an referring to. Probably I should have referred to an overlay but I couldn't recall,among my files found the above photo named " latex concrete roof" The article I previously mentioned called it cream crete. Of course that could just be the name that family gave to their mixture. In Surecrete they show the different ways to use the overlay and mentioned the product is light, but nowhere says it may be sprayed etc. What are your thoughts? Thanks in advance.

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Thanks for your reply. I read an article about a family that built their house with a combination of Portland cement and latex additive. I believe that in instructables I saw a roof somewhat like that family has and is called ceramic crete? Not sure if it is the same thing. The family reported covering the roof with a mixture which is light and they can even spray it According to their description they place over a reliable structure , plastic. Over the plastic they placed a material sort of like a shade cloth, they mentioned burlap could also be used instead of the shade cloth.

The first coat if my memory doesn't fail me was Portland cement and latex , very liquid, second coat was Portland cement, water and very fine sand (sifted sand) after those coats are dried again another coat with Portland cement and latex additive. They said could even use it with latex paint. I have seen similar versions in you tube but not the same. I am really interested in the ratios of each component in the three coatings. The way I found about these structures was searching for different types of cement.

I also saw in the reality show the Amazing race, the contestants went to a country where certain statues are made with a mixture of cement quite light. They showed that they place chicken wire over a man. Over the chicken wire they place pieces of a a material, like bandages they impregnate with? After several coats of whatever mixture of cement, that is, dries up. They remove the whole thing ,(I don't know if to call it a sculpture) by lifting the whole thing from the man who serves as a model, i.e. Chicken wire plus the bandages impregnated with the cement coating, in one piece. Results in a statue that is hollow, looks like portrays of death in comic books. I thought I had saved the address of the first article but can't find it.

Hopefully I am making sense with my explanation but I was fascinated with these structures which are strong (both the houses and the statues) but also so light and can be shaped according to your imagination.

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