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Creating a Jacob's Ladder with a flyback transfomer and a power supply Answered

I saw an instructable on how to create a flyback transformer with a small battery and was wondering if I could substitute the battery for a power supply. I'm not to sure of the devices in that circuit could handle the power of the power supply without frying and I'm also still wondering why it's necessary to have the circuit there in the first place. I am going to use this circuit to power a Jacob's ladder.



Best Answer 5 years ago

You are correct to question, the power needed.

Yes, a battery can drive a flyback sparker but  No hot ladder

A small neon transformer ( often used for a J-ladders )
develops 7500V at 15ma that can use a continuous 112watts
which is way more then a small battery can supply for a climbing arc.


I'd be using the flyback transformer still but instead of a battery, I'd use an old compiter's power supply. Would that work?

Some old compiter's power supply might work if you can drive the
flyback transformer efficiently and hard enough.

It wont run long before the flyback melts from internal heat.
So let it cool between arcing fun.