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Creating a portable ac outlet? Answered

My girlfriend wants me to make a portable battery powered ac outlet for a plug in air freshener (why not just plug it into the wall??) I have searched the Internet, but could find the right idea I'm looking for. I have seen ideas of converting a battery powered item to ac, or a big solar panel ac outlet. Is what I'm wanting to do even possible?


Is she not aware of some of the battery powered air fresheners out there? Or ones that don't need a heat source to do there job?

It's a plugin scentsy warmer. It has a lightbulb that heats the wax candle. Thanks for all of the suggestions, but I don't think I'm going to attempt this project. Anything I do won't really look nice and professional anyway.

Battery + inverter to make AC from the battery DC is all you need.


A selection of inverters from amazon.


5 years ago

Very possible for the little load of an air freshener.