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Creating multiple application in an Arduino Answered

If I want to control lightbulb, garage door, security camera, and a secrity sensor using an Arduino? Can I use only 1 Arduino or I have to use 4 Arduinos?
Is there a specific Arduino board should I use?



You need to define what you mean by control, by one interpretation I can make, you only need ONE arduino to do control, turn a light on and off, open and close a garage door, move a camera left right/up down, monitor a sensor.

Which is exactly the question I asked in your previous question !

There is NO way you can shift video with an Arduino.


Video, no.

Camera, maybe; depends on what you want to do with the camera.

Theoretically, if you've got a webcam or something else which can capture a single image frame and deliver that as a bitmap, the Arduino could be programmed to retrieve that. It's too slow a processor to do much with that image, and it has limited memory unless you add external memory... but it *might* be possible to implement a video "motion detector" with not-completely-intolerable response time.

But it'll probably take some serious programming hackery to do that major task while at the same time remaining responsive to the other inputs. Basically, you'd have to do some cooperative multitasking, interleaving the other responses into the image retrieval and analysis loops, unless you're willing to have them respond no more than once per image capture.

I agree with Steve: If you want a reliable answer, either provide a lot more detail about exactly what you want this to do.... or try it and post an Instructable reporting on the results of the experiment.

If you want it to do more than one thing "simultaneously", you need to combine those all into a single program with a scheduler which gives them all some part of the Arduino's time. This means they aren't actually happening simultaneously, and it means that while it's busy with one you may lose data from another unless the surrounding hardware captures it until acknowledged.

What do you want it to do with the camera? Controlling the motors which point the camera in variious directions is doable. Processing the video... I don't think the Arduino is fast enough to do much with that, though I could be wrong, and of course there's the matter of how you interface the camera to the processor.

And.... what are you actually trying to accomplish? Unless you're trying to interlink these programmatically, an Arduino might be overkill. That doesn't necessarily make it a bad choice, given that it's moderately cheap, but it may not be the best choice.

How do you want to control them? You have to write the programming to do each thing - but theoretically with the intput/output circuitry the arduino could control thousands of things.