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Creative uses for 4 litre/1 gallon OLIVE OIL CANS. Not just using them for storage. Something fun or quirky? Answered


I don't really know how large they are but I imagine them to be big. Give me the measurements and I can think of more realistic ideas if these are not.

- Barbecue (if there small cans a mini portable barbecue for on the beach!)

- A robot (if they were round I would suggest bender but now I'll suggest the one from the cold play clip)

- A car (many africans make cars out of cans, wire, bottle caps, anything they can find really. think like that but bigger :D)

- A boat, a plane,.... (same thing, the africans make these out of the same materials)

- an ipod :p (use the lid to install a radio inside) then give the outside that ipod look. But a butten on the top shaped like the ipods to turn on the radio

- A safe (see other safe instructables)

- A dollhouse (again the size is dependent on the size of your cans)

- A cd closet (you know one of those mini closets to hold cd's)

- A dvd closet (the same but with dvds ;) )

- A radio case (thinking of the ipod idea an olive can would make a nice case for a radio on it self)

- speaker case (don't know about the sound though)

- A standing clock (just work in the clock mechanics and make some custom numbers for the clock)

- A wine dispenser (this is actually holding stuff but it would make a creative winedispenser so I posted it anyway. Just get yourself one of those cardboard wine packages with the tap attached to it. cut that tap out and attach it to your olive can by drilling a hole and using epoxy to make sure the wine doesn't spill out) Also make sure to wash the oliveoil out otherwise your wine is going to be ruined

- A shovel, many people used metal commercialboards to make shovels. The booming period was by far WW2 when supplies ran short and people came up with creative ways to make money or to spend less.

- A mini computer: this is going to be hard but it's not impossible if you are good with computers.

That's all I can think for now. Some ideas may seem crazy or impossible but I don't really know what your capable off. So let me know what you think :)

Thanks for all the thought you've put into your answer. I like your concept of using the cans as housing for other things like radios or clocks. I'll give it a go for a clock.

It was my pleasure :)

When you finish your clock I would love to see pictures :)

Out here in Hawai'i we cut them up and make dust pans out of them. Just a stick bolted to the bottom of the can with the top cut off.

How many do you have?

Are they round or rectangular?

Assuming these are cans with lids: 

It's a one-time use, but: Put just a bit of water in them. Heat on stove until the water is boiling and steam is rising from the can. Remove from heat and cap tightly. Wait, and watch air pressure slowly crush the can as the steam condenses and creates a partial vacuum.

They are very good for camping or garden stoves.
With a sharp, sturdy knife you can make one in about ten minutes.
The top is flat enough to cook on and you can even put a pipe in the hole to act as a chimney.
In the winter they can be squashed and put in the recycling.

Note-They do smoke heavily the first time that they are lit due to the oil burning off.

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