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Crocheted grenades make killing cute! Answered

How cute can a grenade possibly be? About this cute. These crocheted versions of deadly explosives let you re-enact WWII scenarios with something that's fun to squeeze. Even the creator couldn't help but get into the act with the video below.

Green 'round Grenades from WooWork on Vimeo.


dang... I might have to learn to crochet now.

"hey aunty, can you teach me to crochet?" "why?" "so I can make grenades." end that conversation however you want.

My om would like "Sure. What color?" My mom's cool.

I hate doing that, I'd rather learn how myself.

XD That would be interesting.

The video rocks.... Why throw away the pin and not the grenade? lol.

For a joke, of course. That's what makes it funny. Who knows, maybe he loved it too much? =)

WANTED: Girl friend who can crochet hand grenads

would you settle for grenades? there's only one E different. :P

yeah. I really have a thing about spelling. even when I'm typing on a psp, I'll try to never spell anything wrong (and that includes using lol, "what r u doing", etc.). but the strange thing is, I'll never capitalize anything unless it's the letter I (as in I, I'm, I'll, etc.).

Same, but I tend to keep the capitals even so.

Kidding, but really. Why not just learn how, like I hope to?

I know. I said I was kidding. But CAN you crochet?

I can, but I need instuctions to do something like this.

Terrible idea. How many times will schools be locked down and the bomb squad called in because some soccer mom sees a 12 year old with a grenade strapped to his/her backpack? In a non-crazy world filled with sensible people who don't over-react, this would be cool.

Its close enough, real boy hand grenades smile when he sees a pretty girl hand grenade. And yes they have boy and girl grenades, how else would you get more of them. :)

I might have been a little pessimistic about it. My college had a lockdown for 6 hours because an art student had a tripod sticking out of his backpack that a teacher saw and thought was a shotgun. Somehow. I just don't have any faith left in the minds of scared Americans.

Well put. Scared, stupid, thoughtless, and always quick to blame someone else.

It's not just americans- when I was helping some vet students film a play, I was walking around the vet school wearing my black leather jacket with a camera tripod over my shoulder, looking to all the world like a photographer, with someone in a full-body gorilla suit. Somebody naturally assumed we were anti-animal-testing demonstrators about to kick up a fuss (or maybe bomb something), and called in University security. Fortunately they were used to this kind of random happening, checked we all had uni ID and went away chuckling. Good thing they didn't check whether we were actually authorised to be in the labs out of hours...

I don't think you even looked at the pics before you commented. They look like perfume bottles!

i want a whole bunch! i liked the vid(gr8!) they are so cute!

Love the video. Really adorable. Oh for a world of crocheted weapons!

When they explode, do flowers and puppies come out? If so, then these things can win a war!

My kinda war -- everything is knitted and crocheted.

No man can shoot while watching a puppy....


9 years ago

Great vid, but what if you don't know how to stich? ;)

I know a bit, but I mean, how to make it into something like that? No instructions...

Adorably disturbing. I need to learn to crochet.

LOL! I wish I knew how to crochet... (Hey, Sunny, Do you have an ible on that?) -PKT

Heh, not until I finally learn to crochet :P