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Crowdmap of reusable materials and furniture Answered

Hi, trying to build a community crowdmap for encourgaging and promoting reuse - www.trashswag.com
"reports" are submitted with wood timbers, panel doors, balcony, stairs - you name it. Goal is awareness, please check it out. You can get alerts or get reports on social media.  


Is there a particular area of the world you're covering?

Well I live in Toronto so right now it's pretty much just me and a few friends that add reports locally. However, the site is perfectly applicible same way anywhere - all anyone needs to do is submit a report and the device will take their location and add to the map (you can submit via the website "submit form", by emailing reports@trashswag.com, via the app for iOS and android. If you see something in the street that you think someone else could use - take a pic!

That sounds like a good plan, good luck with it.