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Cupcake Gifts Answered

A two in one reuse and cooking project.

Fill an old glass jar with cupcakes and frosting...I think YES!

I'm always trying to think of easy to make gifts.  These Mason Jar Cupcakes are perfect gifts for co-workers, a sick friend, or just to say thanks.


I like your idea, I still enjoy making the hummingbird style cupcakes. I can imagine these are still delicious.


7 years ago

Reminds me a bit of Trifle, only single serving sized!

Mmmm, looks tasty, but needs more cake.


7 years ago

It could be 'worms' or "intestines' or anything you imagine it to be on the top. Don't think it's going to affect the taste;-) Certainly looks yummy.

These are pretty cool, and good for people to receive and be able to take home!

However....are you familiar with Cakewrecks? That stuff on top looks just too much like "frosting poo" :-)

You could spiral it to give it a nice effect... Well, less of a "poo" effect.