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Current challenges not visible on iPad Answered

Until last week I was able to pull/view the current challenge on the home page (using my iPad).  Now it seems the only way I can view them is if I log onto my PC and click on "contests".

Is there a way to view the current contests (that are still open) conveniently on my iPad?  Thanks!


Hey kcli.

I've tried loading the site on my iPad and it works just fine. The dropdown overtext when you mouseover contests doesn't show up, but when I click it, this link works just fine.

Please let me know exactly what happens when you click the above link. Thanks.

When I click that link, the current contests comes up along with the prior challenge winners and finalists.

I still don't see the current challenges such as: CopyCat Reverse Engineering


Sorry, didn't realize you were talking about challenges. The link for challenges is here. Please let me know if you have any issues with that link.

Yeah, sorry about that...,now how would I go about accessing (from my iPad) if you aren't available to send me the link? Thx!

My bad...In re-reading my original email i meant to ask if there's a way to view current CHALLENGES (not contests). So sorry for the confusion. Thx!