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Custom Metal and/or Plastic Fabrication Answered

I am trying to find an online supplier of custom metal or plastic parts. I built a nixie clock and would like a custom machined metal case for it. I know I've seen places online that you can send CAD drawings and specify the material and they will custom make the part. I'm pretty sure I've run across a site that uses software that will give you a quote right away. I can't remember any of the names of the sites and recently lost my bookmarks please help!


See Canida's posting about Online Metals from last week. They do custom sizing, and have references to machine shops with Web presence.


9 years ago

Send us your CAD drawing and we can get a quote for you and take good care of the rest of the job. We are a small machine shop, but we do excellent jobs on custom fabrication. Fair price quaranteed. Visit our website at www.marcotulsa.com , send us an e-mail!