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Custom Tailored Star Trek Voyager uniform - possbile from any tailor shop? Answered

I've searched through eBay to look for the Voyager Replicated uniform the only one that I know is from China and we don't buy things from China at all, and also I had planned to find a tailor shop (that has to be close to us) and see if they would make tailor up the uniform from a black flight suit but not sure if most of them does them.

The sewing machine my mother has is crappy and could mess up the Black flight suit if ever try to sew them, Joann's store at North Olmsted but not sure if it's just for fabric related or both, I may ask and see if they do tailoring work or not but nah.

I also know most tailor shops are like custom business types that makes custom jackets and pants for your business or wedding but not something like this and this could be in the Arm and Leg ranges to get it tailored to be the uniform I'll need from Star Trek Voyager, I was originally gonna make a fusion of TNG With Voyager in a way so I have both looks from there XD and wear my Voyager badge with pride.

So My question is do most Tailor shops can alter clothes to make something new?


Any tailor shop will be able to do what you want. So long as you have the pattern or can instruct them in the alterations needed. As for Joann's sewing shop, the people there are set up to sell machines not do tailoring. They do offer classes for those wanting to learn.

Any "art" colleges near you, you might want to see if there are any aspiring costume designers or makers that can do that. Tailors most nowadays only do hemming or taking in some seams and pro tailors that construct suits will be expensive. Ask the sewing machine lady at Joann's if they know of somebody to help, maybe someone in their classes, they are the craftiest people in the shop. Good luck.

I did found this it's worth a try and see what can be the arrangements -

http://www.costumers.com/ this PA based can do custom costumes but not sure about if this place could make the Star Trek Voyager uniform I'll need, finding someone is tiresome and time comsuming. Plus I could be dead in the water if I don't get it done.