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Cut and Paste. Answered


Should I be able to cut and paste when using the instructables site, e.g. when answering or asking a question?

This has probably been asked before but I searched and couldn't find anything relevant.

Thank you.


i am having the exact same problem with the editor.
i have IE8 and wrote up a 2 page diatribe in MS word. when i tried to CTRL-V it into the text editor, it simply goes away and nothing appears..
i really dont want to type all of that into the editor..


8 years ago

This is a known bug - we'll look into it!

Thanks for making us aware.

Yes, ...but... There have been bug reports from other users that cut-and-paste in the text editor does not work correctly with some browsers (such as Chrome).  I don't know that the I'bles staff have resolved this issue.

The normal cut/copy/paste keyboard shortcuts (Ctrl/Cmd-X, Ctrl/Cmd-C, and Ctrl/Cmd-V respectively) work just fine for selecting text and copying it elsewhere. 

Unfortunately, the "new" text editor/formatter system I'bles installed last year, CKEditor, appears to intercept the copy/paste buffer in order to capture non-visible information (like underlying HTML markup, or MSWord stuff). 

Dear Kelseymh, 

Thanks for your reply.
Yes, it's weird; The pasted sentence will appear for about a quarter of a second and then disappear.




There are not on-site cut-and-paste tools, just use "CtrlC" for copy and "CtrlV" for paste, or right-click and use the menu.

Dear Kiteman,

Yes, that what I meant; that CtrlC and CtrlV do not work.

I did not know if I had a problem or if it was a feature to stop people cut and pasting googled answers.

So, I do have a problem.

I use Safari, I don't know if that makes a difference?

Oh well, it will stop me cutting and pasting googled answers.

Best Wishes