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Cutting 1/4" thick safety glass Answered

I have a shower screen of plain 1/4" safety glass which I need to cut and re-use. Could anyone let me know the safest and easiest way to cut this?

Any help would  be appreciated.


If its TOUGHENED safety glass, it will shatter into millions of pieces if you try.

You can tell, by looking a the edge of the glass. Laminated glass is two distinct panels, and usually more than 1/4" thick.

If its LAMINATED, its cuttable, with difficulty. It requires great precision, scoring BOTH sides of the glass with a good quality glass cutter ONE TIME only, then break along the scores VERY gently.

Once cracked, the plastic film between the sheets must be cut.

You usually use a glass-cutter. But I'd advise tht  you find a place that cuts glass to size and ask them.