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Cutting or chopping packing peanuts for re-use? Answered

How to cut packing peanuts (polystyrene mostly, although possibly also biodegradable) into pieces that can be used in pet beds? I wondered about putting p-nuts into metal garbage can, cutting hole in either metal top or piece of plywood thru which I could insert a "weed whacker" and trying that ... but don't want to buy an otherwise unnec. WW if this won't work! 

I read elsewhere about using a blender -- figured that was suggested by someone who'd never tried it!  (1) Don't want to dull blender blades -- and figure static would make it almost impossible to remove the pieces of foam, and (2) It would take forever to cut enough to fill a 3' X 4" dog bed.



I have something that is working very well so far to chop up styrofoam into small pieces. We bought a stucco blender from Home Depot, drilled a small hole in the lid of a 5 gal bucket, added water (about 10 cups),and a few teaspoons vege oil .I had to buy a 1/2 inch drill for the chuck to fit, but 5 minutes of spinning created half a bucket of fine pieces. I am working on cements bricks with foam added to them, so I didn't need to empty the bucket just added sand and cement and kept mixing, but the water and oil makes them not fly everywhere before the cement is added. I'm guessing to use for a doggy bed just let water evaporate and it should be usable. But the stucco mixing bit worked great to chop the foam into the little round bits. Lori

Do you  think these will be safe for pets?


Keep it simple. Fill the pillow your useing for the bed, then sit,roll,smash them yourself. After you smash it a bit add more and repete till it's full to your likeing.

I think you should just try them as they are. The way a dog circles to make his bed I think the foam would settle and make a comfortable bed.

Thanks, but my dog is fairly little ... he fusses and fusses as it is with a bed that's filled with mostly cedar shavings. He likes a pretty flat, smooth surface; never has liked anything at all bunched under him, not even a blanket. For bigger dogs, I do think they'd be fine "as is."

Thanks for writing, I do appreciate it.

I don't think the blender method would work. My experience with blenders makes me think it would just grind up them until they were dust since there would be no liquid to let them move around in.  I don't think they would hurt the blades at all though.
Your garbage can with a lid idea might work.  I'd try an electric weed whacker and only fill the can half full so you can have plenty of room to "stir" the bits and shift them around.  Maybe you could borrow or rent a whacker since you don't have one.  Static is going to really be a problem.  I've used the peanuts and have found that once broken they are much more effected by static and it's not just a result of lowered size/weight.  There is something that changes when you snap them.
Maybe the best idea is from mole1 and just have a movie party and have everyone break a bag for you while they watch a movie and eat popcorn.  Don't get the popcorn and peanuts mixed up!
One last thought., craft stores sell the filling for a pretty reasonable price.


6 years ago

For large foam pieces such as those that come with new items someone used an electric lawn mower with a shop vac attached to the grass shoot. They were making fill for bean bag chairs.


6 years ago

They break very easily. It's a bit like popping bubble pack . Get some friends together, give each a grocery bagful, stick hands in the bags and snap away.