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DADCANDO: Kaptin Scarlet's book is out! Answered

I just had the chance to read the new Dadcando book from Kaptin Scarlet, aka father-of-four Chris Barnardo who runs dadcando.com.   The book is absolutely excellent, which will come as no surprise to anyone who has seen his carefully-crafted Instructables. 

All of the projects are creative, inexpensive, well-documented, accessible, and most importantly, they look like fun.  The  I was quite taken by the Waves and Wheels section (that little submarine will be making an appearance in my daughter's bath soon!) and even the science and Advanced projects are quite doable for even a novice DIY dad.

But Barnardo shines when he turns his glue gun and paints to the fantastic.  Written in the voice of his Kaptin Scarlet persona, the Great Adventures chapter describes how to make a wizard's wand, a feather quill and magical ink pot, and dragon-hunters goggles.  The projects simply ooze creativity, and look good enough to support hours of imaginary play.

The book is peppered with wise advice for the single or divorced, non-custodial parent who wants to stay engaged in his children's lives without succumbing to the usual pitfalls of consumerist overindulgence or disconnection.  The tips are universally applicable without seeming preachy, and provide lots of encouragement to get away from the computer and do something with your kids. 

In short, Dadcando is brilliant.  It's the perfect Father's Day gift, or general-purpose inspirational gift for anyone you know with kids.  I really can't recommend this book highly enough, and will be sending copies to friends and family as soon as it's available in the states!

Dadcando at amazon.co.uk (available now)
Dadcando at amazon.com (available July 5)


Amazon is telling me it is out of stock, out of print :-(

I saw that she had mentioned that in her text, but Amazon's "info" is kind of "misleading"... :-)

Amazon has updated their info - you can now preorder the book.

I will have to check it out when I get home....

I believe it's part of Amazon's trans-Atlantic confusion, and that the book will be available as scheduled - will let you know if I find out otherwise.

The amazon.co.uk description makes this sound like a book for dads with limited access, trying to keep their kids' affections.

Is that right?

That's a bit of an overstatement - it's a project book first and foremost, but covers the non-custodial parent angle well too.

Dadcando looks incredible! Kudos to you KaptinScarlet, good luck!


8 years ago

That looks fantastic! Since I have three little boys that book just got bumped to the top of my wish list. Made a submarine with my son just the other day...

Thanks for the lovely review. Glad you like it :-)