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Hi...Members of Instructables..
I need a Dash Board Mount for my JVC EVARIO camcorder.
I want to mount this Camcorder for recording what is happening in front of the car while driving.
Even I am ready to purchase if the suitable mount is available with any members.
Appreciate your feed back.
Thanking you



I haven't personally tried it, but this instructable seemed promising when I ran across it. If you try it, let me know what kind of results you get.

The camera's tripod socket fits a standard bolt size. I don't remember which, offhand, but a hardware store ought to be able to find something that will screw into it cleanly.

Then all you need is some way to strap a platform to your dashboard, and run the bolt up through that platform and into the camera. Since this depends on the car, and on how much you are willing to modify the car, I think we ought to leave that bit of design to you. It shouldn't be difficult.

Obviously other solutions are also possible -- various kinds of clamps and/or straps. Which is best will depend on the specific camera, where you want to mount it, and how you plan to control it.

Warning: Check local laws first. In some areas there are specific rules about what can and can't be attached to the dashboard, and how it must be attached.