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DC Motor Answered

Hi Guys,
I have a 15.6 volt dc motor taken out of a handheld vacuum cleaner. is this suitable to use in a small wind generator as a project with my kids. when i attach it to a power drill and spin it from the shaft i dont seem to get any power generation. If i connect it to a 12v battery is spins real fast.
any help would be appreciated


You have to spin it as fast as the 12V battery did to get it to generate 12V. Unless you use belts or gears, you'll not get much at all.

I'd guess its spinning at aroun 12000 RPM +, at 1200 RPM you'll get 1.2 V from it. And 1200 RPM is a HECK of a windmill.

thanks your reply. so do i need a motor with low rpm to able generate from a wind turbine

PC fans can be used- get one from a scrap PC. You may need to rewire it.

Yes, or, as I say, use a pulley and belt to get some multiplication going.