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DC to DC converter Answered

Hi ppl, for electronics A level coursework i am hoping to build a DC to Dc converter to use to power high power leds. As far as i understand it will convert DC to AC, use PWM to alter the current out, and then convert this back to DC giving a constant current out. These are available in devices (known as buckpucks) but for my coursework i hope to build a similar thing on Breadboard. This is really a question for the engineers and if they could give me some advice on anything to do with this it would be great! Thanks ppl


if ur using it for high power leds then i would suggest to use a max756 switch mode converter. or if you what you could use a 555 timer as pwm and a pot to controle to frequecy and duty cycels of the pwm and use that as a base to drive a transistor/mosfet. have the right vlaue inductor. if you need a really smooth output then add an LCR to the circut to smooth out output ripple hope this helps :)

just use an IC, some only require like 2 capacitors and a resistors. You could use a vol;tage multiplier

This is really a question for the engineers - You didn't ask any question;-)


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haha sorry pat, im just really looks for suggestions on how i would do it not using ICs! seems little info out there on the www about it to make one that has constant current but without using ICs