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DD-27 Compact AST rifle review Answered

Hey guys! Today I'm going to review a gun called the DD-27 compact AST rifle by dsman195276.
Before I start, sorry if I hurt anyone's feeling's or say the opposite of your opinion.
I'm going to review in sections. So be aware of what part I'm reviewing.

The handle by perfect duck is amazing and it fits well with the rest of the gun.
Though the front grip could be improved.

Magnificent range. And the gun is a firing pin type gun!

Very accurate, but at around 20 feet it isn't that accurate.

One of the main things that makes knex guns actually shine is the power. On this gun, Dsman is not lying when he says strongest to date firing pin type gun! Great power. It even made me bleed!

Body/weight balance--3.9
Body is fine, but the heavy front end of the barrel is annoying.

The trigger is too fragile. If you pull it too hard, it snaps.

Overall this gun is pretty good. You have the range, power, true trigger, and accuracy all put together to make a beautifully crafted gun. Great job Dsman195276!

Review by Ratchet and Clank. Gun by Dsman195276
Hope you enjoyed this review! I think this will help some people tom decide weather or not to build this gun.


Maybe he is just on vacation... it is summer.

knex'ers dont take breaks! they build till they get it right

I wouldn't think anything happens during Aug or at least not late into Aug. For some of my friends school already started for them so who knows maybe it happened for him and now he just has no time to get on.

yay! 4.8! on a side note, the front grip is the big red connector barrel. most people think it is the blue and yellow rods that are parallel to the handle. thank you for the great review, everything in here is honest, and the trigger really not that great on it, i wish i could have improved it. the heavy front barrel is not really a problem because you are holding it. he helps with aim to when you hold it there. keep it up with the reviews, you should do the reaper crossbow.

I can only review guns i have fired personally. But still, i do know that the yellow and blue rods are NOT the second handle. But still.... what gun should i do next?

I think he should make my horrible pistol. And as soon as our new g36c comes out he should try that... right??? or wrong???

4.5 from me. Good work dsman!