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DISCLAIMER for an old instructable Answered

this instructable is missing vital, or rather deadly information:


i posted a comment on it, but i doubt anybody will read it. if it is already contained in the instructable, and i haven't seen it, please forgive me.:

HeLLO!!!!! I lnow i am VERY late with this post, and i hope someone still reads it.
NEVER DRINK URINE! EVER! WhY? well, for one, fresh urine contains no bacteria, unless you suffer from bad kidney disease, in which case, you probably couldn't pee anymore.
so why not drink it? because ALL TOXIC WAIST of your body leaks into your urine. those remain inside this primitive distillation device on the soil ,as mineral salts, the water being evaporated and recondesed on the foil, thus recuperated. so, this thing is basically a sun powered water distillation thingie. in emergency situations, you can distilate your urine by other means too, to drink water out of it. just DON'T DRINK URINE, NOT EVEN BOILED. ESPECIALLY NOT BOILED. the water getting evaporated by boiling, the urine increases the concentration of toxines. you can only boil it up to collect the steams, which condense into water. that's what you wanna drink.


That Instructable isn't about drinking urine, it's about turning urine into something you can drink safely. It's called distillation, and can turn any water-containing grot into pure drinkable water. When I demonstrate this to my classes, I wander round the lab and collect a random mix of unpleasant stuff - water from the newt tank, soil from a plant pot, dip in a giant landsnail for a quick rinse, a splash of furry coffee left by another teacher - and then distil it. The resultant liquid is clear, pure water with absolutely no flavour.

I think he realizes that the purpose of the Instructable is to show how you can use distillation on urine; I think he just wants to point out that you shouldn't drink urine without distilling it first. I don't see why he thinks that it's that important to state that "disclaimer", it should be common sense...

well, i freeked out when reading the comments..... the instructable is good, but.... well, i heard about urine therapy, but that is not something you do when you have nothing else to drink too.... the poisonous effect is small in therapy, because you drink little of it, and drink other liquids too. i think it is wiser to soak your clothes in urine, if you are in warm climate zones, to cool you off by evaporation just like sweating does, thus saving precios water that would be wasted by sweating.

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You probably shouldn't go *too* exotic, though? What if you got something that boils around, or below, the temperature of water in there?..say rubbing alcohol?

Just like you don't smoke glue boy!!! sorry random joke, but you might get that one...

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10 years ago

Then again, Urine Therapy has been used by numerous people for centuries with little or no ill effects. Although "uropaths" ascribe all sorts of benefits to the regular ingestion of one's own urine or applying it to the skin, there have been very few well controlled studies of the practice. The general opinion of the medical establishment seems to be that it's relatively harmless, but has no particular value.

Strange but true... Here's some links for you:

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Forgot to mention - there have been several documented cases of people keeping themselves alive after being buried in an earthquake, lost in the desert, or shipwrecked, by drinking their own urine. You can go without food for much longer than you can go without water... Also, handkerchiefs soaked in urine were used as makeshift gas masks against poison gas attacks during WWI. The ammonia in the urine would react with the chlorine gas commonly used in WWI.