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I have a paper model of "Sleeping Beauty Castle" of Disneyland. I got this model from disneyexperience.com and I need to make the lighting on the castle exactly or like the one at Disney during their firework shows.Now I'd like to place the LEDs around the perimeter of the inside of the castle. The perimeter meaning the space in between the castle and the pink top part of the castle. I want to know if you guys know how to program them to change color fade and do other effects and to synchronize the lights to music. And not just flashing or pulsing to music, but being part of it...just like the one at Disneyland. I'd also like to have a dimming effect on it too. And the LEDS will be 7 color changing ones. ANY help would be gladly appreciated. THANK YOU. Please let me know if you need anything on my end.


I'm a fan of WS2801 (addressable) led strands. They let one microcontroller spit out hundreds of leds at thousands of colours...the downside is you have to program them, which isn't the easiest thing in the world for an electronics newbie.


That looks like a strand of regular lights, but each one can be controlled with something like an arduino, teensy, DMX, or pic controller.

Once you wire them in, the easiest method is to use a DMX automation program (like people use to automate the xmas lights on their houses to music) to define the channels of lights, and animate to music. People pay THOUSANDS TO MILLIONS OF DOLLARS for this to be done correctly (i.e. the real disney version to music)...hence why it's not a huge consumer market except for a few niche diy'ers.

One more thing, the other link you added to the response wasn't working....do you mind sending another? Thanks again!

That link should work - make sure to select the whole thing, starting at http:// and ending at 2558.html (both lines) -- you have to copy-paste it.

Thank you! Your response is greatly appreciated! If it helps you can view the pieces of the Sleeping Beauty Castle paper model on Disneyexperience.com. That's if you'd like to see them...and they're printed on normal office printing paper. Thank You!


5 years ago

How big is this paper ?

What can you do technically ?

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The pieces are printed on normal office paper. If you'd like you can see the pieces on disneyexperience.com. It's on Sleeping Beauty Castle