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DIY Blender / Garbage Disposal Answered

I bought myself a used blender with a spigot to make a Garbage Disposal. I was thinking, hook pipping to the blender from the top of the sink, add a pipe going out & bingo a DIY Blender / Garbage Disposal. But, the hole was too small for the stringy parts of the blended garbage & clogged. So I need help on a building plan on how to attach the blade of a blender & put in a small bucket or jug. It hast to be small to fill with sink water & blend. I need to know what to use, were to get it,( the best place is E-Bay), & how to put it together. I need a big spout, angeled to spin the water & refuse out thew the outlet pipe.

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caitlinsdad (author)2015-02-26

You might need to rethink your idea. Good idea for a giant margarita mixer but not efficient enough to be a garbage disposal to grind food remnants.


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