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DIY Car Stereo Antenna? Answered

Want to know if anyone has turned their roof rack into am/fm radio antenna or knows how?
Not how to mount an antenna on a roof rack!!!
I have a Jeep Liberty (2005), w\ (self) custom made aluminum roof rack. And I have 35ft of flexible/braided grounding strap to make internal run from roof-rack through and internally down to jeep frame if/as needed.
**Concept Notes**
 Outside rectangle frame is 1-1/2" (O.D.). I will rubber-coat all straight tube section then apply appropriate wire on to rubber and re-coat with rubber coating. I was then looking to slide slightly over-sized (I.D.) carbon fiber tubing over that. Ground and antenna wire will run through inside of rack turn down stanchion where bolts to roof. Rubber grommet to further insulate & protect wires.

I want super reception AM & FM, little to no visible footprint,
1. What wire or such for antenna is best/appropriate?
2. Proper lay out antenna wire? ie., wrapped around primary insulated tubing or laid out length-wise.

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FarmerKJS (author)2015-06-11

I would just run a wire around the roof rack.

most anything helps. For my radios i just hook up a 50ft cable spool and throw it out the window. it works ;D

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nickynite63 (author)FarmerKJS2015-06-11

Man o man did I needed that laugh.

I am now delving into null vector, isotropic quadratics, rubber ducky history/theory, omnidirectional reception in relation to monopole and dipole antennas, etc. Was getting way too serious of a load on my brain cell!

Thanks again.

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rickharris (author)nickynite632015-06-12

Designing antenna is an art rather than a science sometimes. The best results can really only be attained at 1 frequency but than again almost anything works with car radios

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FarmerKJS (author)nickynite632015-06-11

sometimes its better just to keep things simple. sounds like you got some advanced thing going on there

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rickharris (author)2015-06-11

You will need to insulate the rack from the body of the car.

Who knows it may just work.

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Downunder35m (author)2015-06-11

Why go through so much trouble?
After breaking 2 antennas in the bush I simply added a thin wire going like a "L" along two sides of my windscreen.
Connected to an antenna cable and no problem with reception or bushes anymore.

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nickynite63 (author)Downunder35m2015-06-11

Thanks Downunder35m,

5 hours of intense internet reading on everything from wave propagation, antenna theory, mono/di/fold-pole, math formulas extent. And with all that came back to pretty much what you just wrote. I do want to include the antenna option into the roof rack because, I've got...a plan. Its kind of a multipurpose idea.

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