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DIY Costume Mute Rainbow 6 siege Answered

My son wants to construct a costume for Halloween: Mute from Rainbow 6 Seige. Some of the costume items are easy like Cargo pants, ski goggles, combat boots, etc. Do any of you have suggestions for the gas mask, tactical vest and details. Thanks for any suggestions :-)

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ThirdEarthDesign (author)2017-08-28

For the gas mask I'd consider a respirator, the kind used by painters and builders, usually available from DIY hardware stores. You may not find one in the right colour but you can always paint it black. Another option is to make one from scratch out of paper mache. A bit of duct tape cut to the right size will add the X to the front.

For the tactical vest, how's your sewing? I'd take two regular vests and sew them together, but line the inside with a stiffer material to create a bullet proof vest feel/thickness. Sew some velcro straps over the shoulders. Cut the middle of the vest and add the zip. For the detail (such as the pouches) find some old fabric glasses cases, camera cases, phone cases, binocular cases etc. Ideally get black ones, or paint or dye black. I'd check charity shops, flea markets and car boot sales for those kind of things to find then as cheap as possible. Put a real walkie-talkie in one of the pouches for added realism.

For anyone not familiar with Mute, I've added a photo :-)

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