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DIY Ethernet Hub Answered

Ive been trying to figure out if they even exist. All I can find is information about ethernet switches which I dont need. I need my single ethernet in my room that goes to my xbox to also be able to go to my laptop so streaming my xbox isnt so laggy. My idea I came up with was making an extension in a way and then bridging that to another ethernet out. Check out my pictures. I now realize that whatevers in the first one that gets the info first takes the cake and then the second doesnt work. ANy ideas of what i can do or is this hopeless?


At the very least you need a network switch or router to get multiple places to plug in to. You just can't make a wire "splitter" for ethernet. A/B switches, especially mechanical types will likely damage the components hooked up to it or hang the computer with loss of connection. Good luck.

Yeah I went to best buy and found someone who helped perfectly. When reading up on the switches the past week I was under the impression that there was the in and then however many outs but only one out can get info from the in thus my mistaking switch in the name. Best buy guy told me yeah its weird that they call it that but informed me that thats what i was looking for. Got one and all is well. I feel like an idiot for even posting this to begin with haha At least I know i can make a female to female extension if i ever need one

No problem :-) I can understand the confusion due to the name 'switch'.

Before network switches were commonplace we used to use the slower and less intelligent network hubs (the term hub makes more sense!). They were effectively superseded by network switches, which are much faster and more advanced at doing what they do. They probably chose the term 'switch' as they use a 'packet switching' method to handle the data. Glad you got it sorted!

+1 Your simplest and best solution is a small network switch, an Ethernet connection can't simply be split by piggybacking another cable onto it. Be sure to get a 1Gbps switch as opposed to a typical 10/100Mbps to give yourself the best possible connection speeds.

You can get Cat5e splitters (such as the one below), but you need one of these at both the main switch/router and the end point for it to work. At the router it will need to connect to two Ethernet ports. The downside to using Cat5e splitters are that they will limit the data rate to 100Mbps (as opposed to 1Gbps via compatible hardware).


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